Our Mission

"Your online safe space for all things beauty and self care."

BY MODA.MOII 's mission is to empower our community with cosmetics and skin care collections that will enhance your beauty and most importantly aide in your self care journey while protecting your skin, body, and mind. We pride ourselves in creating all of our products mindfully and safely- we want you to know, you don't need to compromise results for pure ingredients or performance. We create these high quality, toxic free products because we know you can be empowered through self care. Taking the time to do your makeup/skin/body routine that allows you to take that step into practicing other substantial self-care acts like exercising, going to therapy, praying, eating healthier, etc. Self care is a must and a way of life - it's what you do every day.

Our Founder Story


Being an entrepreneur and having a strong business acumen was instilled in me ever since I was a young child - I learned this from my mother, she would travel back and forth to her country, Burkina Faso and sell clothing, accessories, and beauty items in her shop. When I was in middle school/high school, I used to purchase candy and treats from BJ's (wholesale) and then resell them to the other students in school. Little did I know I was already on my way to entrepreneurship and would have my own established business one day. 

I am skincare obsessed, love makeup, and I love DIY's so I would always create my own blended body butters, lip glosses, and skin oils. This led me to start thinking about expanding MODA.MOII and adding more products to my brand - I used pure essential oils, herbs and shea butter from my country Burkina Faso to create my first batch of products, I used them on myself of course, shared them with friends and family and they loved it! I now want to share my products with you all and I know you will love them just as I do. 

As a licensed nail technician and my passion for the nail industry, I started MODA.MOII as a nail polish brand in 2017 and now I have transformed it into BY MODA.MOII, a universal and empowered brand that's here to serve other beauty products in addition to nails. It's always been a goal of mine to turn MODA.MOII into a full beauty empire - an safe online space for you to shop your favorite toxic free beauty products.